Friday, December 20, 2013

Uh Oh

Today is a big day on Team Harmony.  While we are doing our 20% Time research during sixth and seventh hours, the highlight of the day will be something entirely different.  Every year, our team adopts a family in need for the holidays.  Each year we set a goal of raising 1500.00 for gifts, etc.  We have never failed to reach this goal.  This year, we raised a total of 1892.79.  One way we raised money was to auction off some fun things.  One of the auction items this year was winning the chance to throw a pie in the face of one of the teachers, either Melissa or me.  Well, the winning bid for that auction was 200.00.  And so, at the end of the day today, we will all go outside and see who Grace, our winning bidder, chooses to receive a pie in the face.

This event is just one of the things we do on team to promote our team culture.  We strongly feel that if we spend time throughout the year, and especially at the beginning of the year, on team-building and developing a team culture, then our team will function well and allow for ambitious goals like our 20% Time projects.   Our work toward team-building and developing a team culture has paid off every year.  Stay tuned for pictures of today's event! - Don

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