Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Idea Generation

On Monday,  I met with every individual or group to see where they were in the idea-generating process.  I would say that 85% have a solid idea.  As I met with each group, I asked questions to generate the thinking process.  I wanted to get them started on the next steps as we prepare to delve into "research immersion week" next week.  I heard some awesome ideas from starting a website to help incoming sixth graders from Steger, to filming a documentary about different kinds of fears that consume people.  To see some of the students light up about their next steps and talk so excitedly about what they are doing is empowering to me as their teacher. I am blown away by some of these ideas and yet, as in any assignment, I have students who are struggling to find their idea or passion.  Most have a "working idea" and though Don and I want to be helpful and supportive in any way we can, we also don't want to give too much direction on the idea process because we want each student to have ownership of their idea.  Our support might be asking questions about their interests and passions or just stepping away and letting have time to think. We want each student to buy into this project and if we guide them too much towards something we think would be best for their "working idea", I am afraid that they will not take ownership of the idea and become invested in the long run.  So, with patience, we are trying to help these students down the right path to transforming their ideas into realities. I think we are going to see great success and accomplishment from our students during this process.  -Melissa

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