Monday, December 9, 2013

Preparing to Learn

This week, we speed up the pace of preparation for our 20% Projects.  Later today, Melissa will be working with the kids on idea generation.  She will help them craft a plausible idea to research or create while discussing what makes a good project idea versus ideas that do not create any new knowledge.  She will post tomorrow about the class discussion.  We are excited about what these kids' minds will generate.

Later in the week, I am going to teach the kids how to use two online tools that will help them find research and keep a running journal of their progress.  We will be using Feedly as our research collection tool.  It is a great app that allows students to subscribe to online sources specific to their projects.  We will also be using Blogger so that each student/group can show off what they have learned, what they have achieved and what mistakes they've made.  All of the students'/groups' blogs will be listed on the right-hand side of our blog.  Simply click on a blog that looks interesting and it will take you to their blog.  We expect student blogs to go live as early as Friday of this week.

Let the fun, um, I mean, learning, begin! - Don

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