Friday, December 13, 2013

Blogger Day 2 - The Adventure Continues

Nearly all of the kids were able to create a blog template yesterday and get them online.  Today we focused on inviting teammates to blogs (2-3 kids may be working on a particular project so all of them should have administrative privileges on the blog), choosing the right template and incorporating the desired gadgets into the blogs.  While each individual or group could choose whichever gadgets they wanted on their blog, I did ask them to include a few essentials: the Google+ gadget, the Blog Stats gadget, the Subscribe by E-mail gadget, and the Subscribe gadget.  Some kids also wanted to add the Slideshow gadget and the Image gadget.

Each individual/group shared the URL to their blog with me on Edmodo.  This weekend I will make sure that all of their blogs are listed in the "Must Read Blogs" section on the right side of this blog.  I had a chance to take a few pics of the kids' blogs while they were on their computer screens.  Some cool stuff is going on.  Many of the kids will be writing their first blog posts this weekend (The Origin of the Idea).  We are very excited to see what they have to say! - Don

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