Friday, December 20, 2013

Immersion Week Wrap-Up

As this was the week before winter break, we decided that it would be a great time for students to immerse themselves in their project research.  Each day, the kids conducted research and collaborated with their group-mates on their projects.  While researching, they also began working on their one-minute "Pitch Video".  The video will make up part of their presentation to the Pitch Committee and should outline what the project is about, what the participants expect to learn during the process and what the result of the study will be.

We are using Animoto to create the videos.  The kids have used Animoto in English class before to create Book Trailers.  The program is user-friendly and the videos look very professional.  We are going to encourage the groups to post their videos on their blog so that everyone can see them.  Some have already posted the videos.

Two groups ran into problems with their ideas.  One student, who is working as an individual, had a great deal of difficulty deciding on a project topic.  Finally, after a few days of back and forth, we think he has something he can really run with.  Another group was going to disband but instead changed its idea and now things are moving more smoothly.

We're very happy with the way things are going so far.  When we get back from break, the kids will begin an intense three-week period involving finishing videos, facing the Pitch Committee and getting ready for the Idea Showcase.  So much fun! - Don

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