Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Reaching Out to Learn

Whitley and Lauren are doing a 20% Time project that entails developing a desalination device and water purification system. They have been busily researching and working on this idea for several weeks. Their Pitch Day presentation knocked the socks off of the Pitch Committee and we expect great things from them this semester. Yesterday, as part of their research, they contacted an organization, Water Is Life, through a Google Hangout.  The girls spoke to Ken Surritte, the President of Water Is Life. Ken was at his office in Oklahoma and the girls were in the technology lab here at school. Through the use of technology, the kids can learn from anyone anywhere in the world.

Because of their contact with Ken, Whitley and Lauren were able to learn about the pressing need for drinkable water, gain access to resources that they never knew existed, and chart a more solid course for their project. The girls had their idea validated by one of the world experts on water. They returned to class more confident, more excited and more passionate about their project than ever before. Events like these, where students learn from others around the world, are extremely valuable for the information they learn as well as the confidence they gain by seeing themselves as independent learners.

Each of the girls is blogging their learning. The blog links are here: Whitley's Blog; Lauren's Blog.

Whitley and Lauren getting ready for their GHO with Ken Surritte of Water is Life.

Lauren and Whitley showing the items they received from Water is Life.

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