Friday, January 1, 2016

A Different Pitch-Day Perspective

One of our former students, Harry Gallagher, has graduated high school and moved on to work in the coding world. He has visited a few times over the years and the last time he was in, we asked if he'd like to be on the Pitch Committee for this year's Pitch Day. If you're a regular reader of our blog, you know that Pitch Day is when the kids present their 20% Time project ideas to a committee, a la Shark Tank. Well, Harry was all too happy to participate.

When Harry was on Harmony Team, we had not yet started doing 20% Time. When we told him about 20% Time, he became a big cheerleader and offered to help with anything we needed. Harry saw the value of 20% Time for kids, especially since he was a student who would have benefited from 20% Time the most. He is exactly the kind of learner who would take full advantage of 20% Time and all of the creative, problem-solving independence it offers.

Harry participated in Pitch Day as a judge on the Pitch Committee. He later blogged about the experience. Please read Harry's blog post, 20 Percent Time in Schools, and Why This Changes the Game to understand a young adult's perspective of 20% Time and traditional schooling.

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