Friday, February 6, 2015

Matching Tool To Task

Last week we wrote a grant on for a 3D Printer. Within a couple of days, our students' families funded the grant so that we can use the printer to further the kids' learning. We have several students who are creating amazing projects who can use a 3D printer to advance their learning. This is the way things should be. The learning should drive the use of technology.

Too often we get technology and then try to find ways to use it. That is backwards. The way it should be is that the acquisition of technology should be a natural extension of the learning that is taking place. When we do things in that order, we are assured that the technology is relevant to the kids and their learning. As the school year evolves, we move in different directions depending on the interests and talents of our kids. Each group is different. In order to honor these differences, we plan our program according to the group of kids that we have. To that end, our technology needs vary from year to year. This year, one of our needs has been a 3D printer. We are ecstatic that we were able to get our grant funded and are eager to get the kids creating.

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