Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"But This is Fun Work!"

As we prepare for the Idea Showcase, students are busy at work (some are working harder than others, of course). Some of the kids get stalled and need some coaching and questioning to figure out what the next step of their project should be. Most have a good idea of what they need to accomplish but time-management is not their strength. The organization skills and learning construction skills are essential for everyone to master and 20% Time is an awesome way for the kids to learn those skills. They try, they flounder, they get a foothold, and they make progress.

The thing that we like to see is the kids' mood when they've forgotten that it's a 20% Time day and they figure it out upon entering the room. Today upon entering the room, Jimmy said, "Yay! It's 20% day! No work!" I reminded him that it is work and not a day off, to which he responded, "Yeah, but it's FUN work!" Cha-ching! This was an indication that the kids are getting the point. The work is theirs; they own it. They are responsible for learning what they WANT to learn. When kids are motivated by the work they want to do, they will achieve great things. We are in the midst of kids achieving great things again this year.

John works in a quiet corner

Some boys invade Don's space. Our space is their space.

Collaboration works

Working individually, together

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