Friday, September 12, 2014

Chromebook Rollout!

This year our seventh grade is moving to a Chromebook 1:1 program. Each student will have their own laptop to use at school and take home to use. Today, we get our Chromebooks on team! We see this kind of technology expansion as a great equalizer in student learning. It also allows teachers to be even more creative by flipping lessons, creating and using more video, and structuring learning so that kids are CREATING.

The Chromebooks are essential to 20% Time as we run it. We rely a lot on the intrinsic motivation of each student to research, learn and create knowledge about their project topic. Having access to a cart of Chromebooks last year proved invaluable, but this year, in a 1:1 environment, the access to learning should be even better.

The kids are excited and so are we. We are shifting our subject content so that we can conduct a Technology Boot Camp. Within a week, we want our kiddos to have a good working knowledge of the digital tools that we will be using this year. Today we will introduce and begin using Google Classroom, get kids signed up for 3DGameLab and give the kids a quick tutorial on the laptop they will be using this year. Next week, the learning continues with more digital apps we'll be using in class! These are exciting times on Team Harmony!

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