Friday, March 28, 2014

Accidental Focus

The two groups we thought about for the Pollination Project grants, Pictures for Africa and SNB Bass Baits, started filling out grant applications today. Steve (SNB Bass Baits) finished and sent it in. They are all very excited about the opportunity. One unintended consequence of applying for the grant is that Steve's project focus may have changed slightly because of the grant criteria. The grant asks for applicants to demonstrate how their project will have a positive impact on humanity or the environment. Steve came up with the idea of shifting his lure materials from regular plastic to a biodegradable components so as to cut down on pollution and waste in lakes and rivers. Genius! The biodegradable material is more expensive so he will need the grant money in order to buy supplies but if he gets the grant, he will be able to pursue this new avenue.

This shift is a great example of how the journey can take a sudden turn, leading to a better idea than the original one. Environmentally sensitive, biodegradable bass lures is a brilliant idea and there does not seem to be anything like it on the market. Imagine if this one seventh grade kiddo were able to change the entire fishing lure market with his idea and the influence of some grant criteria. He is so excited about this new development that gave him, almost by accident, a slightly different project focus. - Don

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